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4-H Report

Jackson Hot Shots

The Jackson Hot Shots 4-H Club met Thursday, March 8, at the Community Building. The meeting was called to order by Kyle Downard, vice president. The American Pledge was led by Jude Allen and Eli Barger, and the 4-H pledge by Jayme Williamson and Violet Ruf.

Group singing was Little Round Orange led by Ty McMullen.

The treasurer’s report was given by Ethan Jennings. Twenty-eight members present answered roll call to their favorite TV show.

The first order of business was the election of 2018 officers: Kyle Downard, president; Ethan Jennings, vice president; Skyler Cavins, secretary; Michael Paxson, treasurer; Lisa Downard and Hannah Evans, news reporters; Lacy Downard and Sydney Grounds, health and safety officers; Ty McMullen, Coby Delucio and Dakota Kunkel, recreation leaders; and Eli Barger, Emma Jennings and Ezekiel Horning, song leaders.

Other business included distribution of project manuals and record sheets along with 2018 Project Guides. Fundraising ideas were discussed but a decision was delayed, with members encouraged to come up with fundraising ideas to share at the next meeting.

Lacy Downard gave a health and safety report on preventing the flu. Demonstrations were given by Eli Barger and Coby Delucio on construction toys, Lacy Downard on entomology, Lisa Downard on cat poster, and Kyle Downard on sportfishing.

Recreation was a game of telephone led by Sydney Grounds, Coby Delucio and Eli Barger. Refreshments were provided by the Barger, Delucio, and Downard families.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 22 at the Everton Community Building.

– Lisa Downard, reporter