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Organization Reports

Connersville Rotary Club metMonday and heard from John and Rita Bodwell, who shared a presentation of photos featuring beautiful art, architecture and landscapes from their recent trip to northeastern Spain. Pictured, from left, areclub president Wes Widdows, John Bodwell, Rita Bodwell and Rotarian Gary O’Neal.


The Josiah Wedgwood Chapter 172 Questers met Feb. 22 at the home of Karen Donselman and took time to celebrate our country’s first president. Hostesses Karen Donselman and Brenda Henry honored him with “hurrah for the red, white and blue” napkins and forks and, wait for it, cherry-topped cream pie. Fourteen members were present, further carrying on February’s holiday theme.

Treasurer Ronda Leiter shared her report of expenses and deposits and current balance. Paula Davis shared her behind-the-scenes cheer actions.

Patsy Slack shared pictures of the completed restoration work by John Bohlander of the American Kitchens cabinets. The work is spectacular and can be viewed at the new Fayette County Historical Museum. Also, local Wayzata Home Products will donate new wooden cabinets to complete the cabinetry needs of the kitchen. An example of two groups working together to better our community.

The Garden Tour committee reported things are flowing together smoothly thanks to the work of all members stepping up and volunteering their time. New members Lea Ann Robinson and Mary Dalton have lightened the load with the volume of their ideas and contributions. “Old” members continue to faithfully carry the load that makes the tour a huge success. Tickets are heading to the printers soon; save-the-dates are in process; and much other behind-the-scenes work is being accomplished. Monty Mason created discs from previous tours and has donated to Questers. Prices continue to be sought for Questions aprons, along with printing for the aprons.

New business included the Indiana Questers Spring Convention on April 21 at South Bend, Timeless Tiffany Treasures. We hope several members attend to provide insight for our 2020 Questers Spring COnvention here. Patsy Slack has an excellent souvenir idea for those in attendance. Lisa Lambert, state president, informed all Questers club she would like a monetary donation instead of a gift basket this year. Karen Donselman made a motion to send $50; Mary Dalton seconded.

Brenda Henry moved to close the meeting.

Robin Nickel, appropriately for Feb. 22, presented a program on the life of our revered first president, George Washington. Filled with interesting facts and tidbits, her program simultaneously delighted and educated all present (a sign of a true teacher). She reminisced of her tour of Mount Vernon, informing how it was bequeathed to him, his life with wife Martha Dandridge Custis and her two children.

Her artifacts made history come alive. First shared was a print of George Washington mounted on a white horse. Blueskin was the name of the gray horse and one of his two primary mounts during the Revolutionary War. He was half Arabian. Grays are born darker but become pure white as adults. Blueskin, due to his white hair coat, was the horse most often portrayed in artwork depicting Washington on a horse.

More often, he rode Nelson, a chestnut gelding said to be calmer under fire than Blueskin.

A postcard with a George Washington portrait followed next.

We were shown an authentic glass hatchet with Washington’s image manufactured as a souvenir from the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. Libbey Glass Co. installed a working glass factory on the fairgrounds and sold large numbers of souvenirs such as this hatchet. Nickel provided knowledge that proves its authenticity.

We were also privileged to see old red, white and blue metal cannisters with George Washington emblazoned on them.

Lastly, Patsy Slack showed an 1844 N. Currier lithograph, one of 190 originals, of George Washington in the center with other presidents surrounding him.

We had history in our hands and were in awe of what we saw.

The March meeting will be March 22 at the Fayette County Public Library. Patsy Slack will present the program, “What is This?” 

Eta Pi Kappa

Eta Pi Kappa Sorority met Feb. 26 in the Red Cross building at Roberts Park, with 23 members attending. The meeting was opened with the sorority prayer and was a social meeting.

Hostesses were Roxanne Helms and Tracy Boggs. Refreshments were served with delicious soup, veggies, chips and cookies.

Finalized plans for convention were discussed.

Homemade articles were brought by Julie Boggs and Loni Pollitt and won by Ashley Jackson and Sheri McKinney. The 50/50 drawing was won by Julie Boggs.

The next meeting will be March 12. It will be a food drive. Homemade articles will be brought by Marilyn Fink and Sue Bunzendahl.