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ATTENTION Pursuant to IC 4-32.2-4-5, the American Legion Auxillary Unit 1 is publishing notice that an application for an annual bingo license has been filed by: American Legion Auxillary Unit 1 902 Eastern Avenue Connersville, IN 47331 Location of Bingo Event: 902 Eastern Avenue Connersville, IN 47331 Operators: Deborah Sue Allen, Sharon Mengedoht, Crystal Riggs, Kellis Allen, Jeannie Darlene Eldridge, Jacqueline A Hill, Audrey Dice Ruff, Nancy Lengle, Teresa J. Jobe, Melissa C. Allen, Kasey Allen, Carolyn F. Spurlock, Katha Allen, Sarah Lynn, Kimberly Lovins and Rebecca Tincher. Officers of Organization: President: Deborah S. Allen 1st Vice President: Jeannie Eldridge Corresponding/Recording Secretary: Carolyn Spurlock Treasurer: Cathy Gronning 2nd Vice President: Minda McKinley Chaplain: Clara Patterson Parliamentarian: Nancy Lengle Sergeant-At-Arms: Sharon Mengedoht Sergeant-At-Arms: Phyllis Graham Any person may protest the proposed issuance of the annual bingo license. Protest letters must be received within fifteen (15) days from the date the last posting appears. The Commission shall hold a public hearing if ten (10) written and signed protest letters are received. Address Where Protest Letters Should be sent: INDIANA GAMING COMMISSION Attention: Diane Freeman Charity Gaming Division East Tower Suite 1600 101 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
SUMMONS - SERVICE BY PUBLICATION DLC#:A210-72 STATE OF INDIANA COUNTY OF FAYETTE ) )SS: ) IN THE FAYETTE SUPERIOR COURT 1 CAUSE NO.:21D01-1812-MF-000946 LAKEVIEW LOAN SERVICING, LLC, Plaintiff, vs. THE UNKNOWN HEIRS AT LAW OF BARRY L. RIPBERGER, DECEASED AND OCCUPANT(S) OF 1207 E 5TH ST, CONNERSVILLE, IN 47331, Defendants. NOTICE OF SUIT The State of Indiana to the Defendants above named, and any other person who may be concerned: You are notified that you have been sued in the Court above named. The nature of the suit against you is a Complaint on Note and for Foreclosure of Mortgage on the following described real estate: A part of the Northwest Quarter of Section Number Thirty (30), Township Fourteen (14) North, Range Thirteen (13) East, said part of said Quarter being boutnded and described as follows: Beginning at a point in the center line of East Fifth Street in the city of Connersville, Indiana, Thirty-nine and One-eight (39-1/8) feet Westwardly from the Northwest corner of James McCann's Main Street Addition to the Town of East Connersville, now City of Connersville, Indiana, and running thence South along a line parallel with the West line of said James McCann's Main Street Addition, One Hundred Sixty-four and Three-fourths (164-3/4) feet; thence Westwardly along a line parallel with the center line of said East Fifth Street Thirty-nine and One-half (39-1/2) feet to the Southeast corner of the Ball Lot; thence Northwardly along the East line of said Ball lot One Hundred Sixty-four and Three-fourths (164-3/4) feet to the center line of East Fifth Street, Thirty-nine and One-eighth (39-1/8) feet to the place of beginning. And Commonly known as: 1207 E 5th St, Connersville, IN 47331 This Summons by Publication is specifically directed to the following named Defendants whose whereabouts are known to me: Occupant(s) of 1207 E 5th St, Connersville, IN 47331 This Summons by Publication is also specifically directed to the following named Defendants whose whereabouts are unknown to me: The Unknown Heirs at Law of Barry L. Ripberger In addition to the above named Defendants being served by this Summons, there may be other Defendants who have an interest in this lawsuit. If you have a claim for relief against the Plaintiff arising from the same transaction or occurrence, you must assert it in your written answer. You must answer the Complaint in writing, by you or your attorney, on or before the day of , 2019 (the same being within thirty (30) days after the Third Notice of Suit), and if you fail to do so, a judgment will be entered against you for what the Plaintiff has demanded. DOYLE & FOUTTY, P.C. By Alan W. McEwan ATTEST: _________________________________________ Clerk of the Fayette County Superior Court 1 S. Brent Potter (10900-49) Tina M. Caylor (30994-49) David M. Johnson (30354-45) Alan W. McEwan (24051-49) Matthew L. Foutty (20886-49) Maura E. Binder (34314-22) Craig D. Doyle (4783-49) Jessica S. Owens (26533-49) DOYLE & FOUTTY, P.C. 41 E Washington St., Suite 400 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317-264-5000 Fax: 317-264-5400 hspaxlp
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