For my article today I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community, churches and individuals who have been praying for my grandson, Jared Robinson. Jared had a heart transplant in 1993 when he was four months old and carried that heart for 28 years. He went into rejection in June. University of Cincinnati Hospital kept him alive and then he was transferred to Cincinnati Children. There he was placed on a Syn Cardia, this is a plastic mechanical heart. He will be on Syn Cardia until he is able to be transplanted again with a new heart and kidney. He has had some bumps in this road But the doctors say he is still making good progress. My wife believes that our prayers and your prayers make a big difference. They give Jared peace and courage to continue this journey. She also believes that our prayers and your prayers help the doctors to make the very best decisions for Jared. Many times the doctors say through are going to do this and then change their mind and do that something else which turns out to be much better.As you know God through the Holy Spirit keeps things in order! Again thanks for your concern and prayers.

Now I have a Jared Robinson story to tell you today. On September 9 Jared had a conversation with Dr. Villa. He is one of the doctors who monitor the SynCardia machine. Dr. Villa was encouraging Jared, assuring him that he was again making good progress. It had been a stressful week. Jared had to be put on a ventilator again to do several procedures and tests to see why he was retaining fluids. So here was Jared flat on his back in his bed, on a ventilator,pretty much sedated, being encouraged. The doctor told him that his lungs were working good. and it seems the fluid levels have been controlled. When Dr. Villa was done, Jared put up two fingers. The nurse asked, “Two words?” Jared nodded, “yes.” Dr. Villa got real close to Jared and he mouthed to Dr. Villa, “thank you.” Dr responded, “thank you” and Jared gave him a “thumbs up.’ and Dr.Villa said,”He is such a thankful young man” If that does not stir your heart, than you are not human!!

Don Miller is the minister of the Bentonville Ebenezer Christian Church and wrote this article as a member of the Fayette County Ministerial Association