Bloom family

Ashley Bloom and her husband Chris, son Colby and daughter Adley.

It all started with a Christmas gift.

Ashley Bloom received a camera from her mother for Christmas, when she was pregnant with her first child.

“She wanted me to be able to take pictures of him as he grew. As soon as we brought Colby home from the hospital, I started trying out my camera. Once I got comfortable with my camera, I started posting some pictures on social media that I had taken of Colby. During this time, my best friend got engaged, and I ended up taking her engagement pictures,” Bloom said.

After she posted the photos on social media, people asked her about taking pictures for them.

“People asked me to take pictures of their families, newborns, first birthdays and small weddings. Before I knew it, my picture taking hobby turned into Ashley Bloom Photography!” she said.

Bloom also has had a love for music and art since she was a child.

“Some of my favorite memories were when Dad and I would sit down at the kitchen table after I would get home from school and just draw things around the house. We would draw people, Disney characters, horses, cows, our profiles ... you name it, we drew it,” she said. “My mom introduced me to piano at a young age because she played the piano by ear and wanted me to be able to read music. My family would lead worship songs (sing and play instruments) at our church. My dad, mom, aunt, uncle, me, and my two cousins., all of us had played an instrument in church at some point in our lives.”

Bloom decided to become a dental hygienist, married her high school sweetheart and had a family. Then she realized she missed music and art.

“When my senior year (in college) was coming to an end, I started to miss my musical/art background. I actually started at the Herron School of Art in Indy to minor in art with my degree in dental hygiene. That didn’t work out due to next level painting classes not lining up with me being comfortable with painting different subjects.

“Fast forward, Chris and I moved back to Connersville after graduation, got married, and decided that we needed to get more involved in church. We became intentional about attending church and started to build closer relationships with people at Calvary Baptist. Once we both decided to put God first in our marriage, God also started to grow us closer to Him.

“My desire for song and music from when I was a young girl had never left me, but the fear of singing in front of people made me hesitant. When the church choir director asked me to join choir, I knew that was my open door for God to use my gifts. Not long after that, I was asked to become a part of Calvary’s worship team. Fear was hard to let go of, but I knew that God was growing me yet again.

“Now, the things I enjoyed doing as a child have grown so much by putting God first in my life,” Bloom said. “Being a dental hygienist is my ‘career.’ It’s my part of an income for my family. I try to do my best at what I do. That includes cleaning teeth and taking pictures for families on the side.

“Photography started by a hobby, which stemmed from my love of art and music. God had a great way of bringing it all back to me in full circle, and I’m so thankful.”

Bloom and her husband have two kids, Colby and Adley, and a dog named Daisy.

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