Her love for her got her into college for graphic design. Now, Hannah Parrett is about to graduate to pursue her passion for art.

“What I enjoy most about art is being able to take any thought and display it in a way that is open to interpretation. To me, art has no standard. There is no good and bad art. There is just creativity!”

Parrett said she enjoys using graphite and colored pencils for most drawing, but recently has picked up watercolor painting.

“I’m also proficient in digital and graphic art using a variety of applications in the Adobe Suite, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. My favorite medium is graphite pencils. Pencil drawing allows for smooth gradients and accurate shadows and highlights.”

In high school, Parrett realized how much art meant to her and how easy it was to express herself through different mediums.

“My art teacher pushed me to go to college for an art-related degree and once I graduated high school, I enrolled at International Business College for graphic design. What was once just for fun has now turned into the establishment of a profession for me,” she said.

She is expecting to complete an associate’s degree in December.

Kevin James Wilson, her college professor, inspires her daily.

“That man has taught me more about myself as a person and as an artist than I ever imagined possible,” she said.

What is her secret to success?

“No great thing is rushed, and I promise you will be more satisfied with yourself and your artwork if you just slow down and really focus on whatever it is you’re creating.”

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