Bringing a victory back to Connersville

Among those who greeted the Model A on its return to Connersville on June 14, 2000, is Milt Eley, at right, the director of the Whitewater Technical Career Center. The car is still on display at the Career Center.

This is the third of three parts recalling Connersville’s participation in The History Channel Great Race from Boston to Sacramento in 2000. Not only did a team from here win its division in the race but the city also hosted drivers and teams on June 7, 2000.

Whatever our time, it was over.

Mike Sparks is a retired instructor at the Whitewater Career Center, a proud resident of Connersville/Fayette County. He chaired the 2013 Connersville Bicentennial and, with his wife Jenny, served as co-chair of the 2019 Fayette County Bicentennial.