My wife Michelle goes grocery shopping once a week to get the staples – milk, bread, eggs, etc. When she asks if I want anything, I always answer, “Yeah! Cookies.” It’s one of those silly rituals that marriages fall into – questions that needn’t be asked and answers that are already known, a sort of marital litany that comforts the participants.

Occasionally, when I tag along, I’ll stop to examine some unfamiliar product and toss it into the cart, a habit which adds to our bill and irritates Michelle, who just wants to finish this chore. The grocery chains are catering more and more to shoppers like my wife, responding with a “phone-in and pick-up” service. In addition, the big on-line shopping sites such as Amazon are offering grocery deliveries to the customer’s door.

Chuck Avery is a retired high school teacher who grew up in Connersville's Bucktown neighborhood.