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Bicentennial will move forward

I made two mistakes in last Sunday’s article about the difficulties between the current Fayette County Tourism Board and its former chairwoman, Donna Schroeder.  My first error was in reporting that Schroeder went to the county treasurer&#

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“I Bet You’ll Laugh” is a book by Jerry Porter, whose brother, Bob Porter, lives in Connersville. The book has 98 limericks, some anecdotes, and lots of trivia. It is printed in the Connersville News-Examiner by permission of Jerry Porter. Readers can order the book by sending a check or money order for $7 to: Jerry Porter, P.O. Box 2191, Anderson, IN 46018.

I Bet You’ll Laugh

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Senate owes us all a fair, thorough review of Brett Kavanaugh

Aside from the prime-time hype and prolonged standing ovation, President Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Monday evening was a sober and dignified occasion worthy of our nation’s highest court and highest office ̵

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How to 'bee' a perfect Christian in a niche-culture world

When newcomers arrive at a megachurch these days, they face an obstacle course of challenges – from deciding how much to tip the parking-lot guy to tricking their normal children into looking like cherubs. Finally, loaded with visitor swag –donuts, coff

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